At Urban Spirit, one of our main services is bar hire. Offering a huge range of bar styles, sizes and shapes, this is a service that is heavily in demand for a variety of events and celebrations. From bar hire for a house party to bespoke-built bars for festivals and destination weddings, we accommodate customers with all sorts of needs and desires.

But, one thing we do try to avoid is customers not making the most of the bars they hire. This is why today, we provide a few tips for our customers to make use of.

Are you serving the right drinks?

There is no point in having an all-singing, all-dancing bar that doesn’t sell/serve good drinks. This is something event planners should never overlook, with quality needing to be at the forefront of your event’s bar services. This is why we encourage our customers to utilise our drinks packages; sourcing high-quality drinks that are on trend.

Keeping drinks cool

Is there anything worse than attending an event and being served a lukewarm beverage? We think not! Where it may sound obvious, it is surprising just how many bars are still not working with the right fridges and cooling systems for the drinks they are serving. Here at Urban Spirit, this is something else we can support our customers with, offering fridge hire as part of many of our bar hire packages.

Presentation of drinks

While not ideal, many modern drinkers drink with their eyes, wanting their drinks to look the part so that they can share images of them on social media. This is why we have seen a greater need for aesthetically-pleasing glassware. Again, this is a service add-on we can offer all of those who hire bars via Urban Spirit.

For more details on any of the above or a free quote for bar hire, get in touch.