Indian and Asian weddings are wonderful occasions filled with love and great times. When planning an event, a lot of organisation has to go into catering for many different needs. One such case is with the celebration of a Muslim wedding whereby many would not be looking to drink alcohol. However some may like to indulge in a glass of champagne or pint of beer. Here at Urban Spirit we understand the needs of a range of guests. Consequently we can offer mixed services within our Muslim Wedding Bar Hire.

No matter where your event may be, we can provide our Muslim Wedding Bar Hire to suit your needs. For those who will be looking to enjoy an alcoholic drink, we can provide draught beer, wine, spirits and cocktails. As well as these beverages, Urban Spirit can provide a full mocktail and smoothie bar service for non-drinkers. Whether you are looking for a banana split smoothie or Virgin Mojito mocktail, our team can provide all of the ingredients and equipment needed.

As well as a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Urban Spirit’s Muslim Wedding Bar Hire can incorporate a range of well-finished mobile bars. Branding our bars for Indian Weddings has grown in popularity over recent years. With the happy couple’s initials displayed on the front of a full colour changing LED bar counter, there’s nothing more memorable. Complementing the bars are our range of equipment – from blenders for smoothies to fridges for bottled beer and wine.

Nothing ties together all of your drinks provisioning needs as well as hiring the bartenders within our Muslim Wedding Bar Hire service. The friendly and professional staff will ensure the smooth running of your bar whilst keeping guests happy throughout.

For more information on our Muslim Wedding Bar Hire, please contact a member of our bookings team.