From gin festivals and prosecco parties to beer bonanzas, London hosts a drinks celebration pretty much every weekend. Being the catalyst of many international drinking trends, the city is becoming more and more recognised for its events centred on natural drinks.

Showcasing those leading in the low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wine communities, London was this week chosen to host its second RAW Wine event.

Taking place on the 11th and 12th March, the event is to be held at The Store in London’s Strand area.

Though a pretty new area for us mainstream wine-drinking folk, the event is the 13th edition, having been to many cities across the world. This includes places such a Berlin, Los Angeles and even New York.
So, where did this movement come from? Well, Raw Wine is the brainchild of Isabelle Legeron; a highly-regarded wine author. Legeron is also the only female Master of Wine in the country, credited for her work across the globe. Raw wine basically refers to wine harvested by hand, created devoid of any processing or additives. Said to have a much more ‘concentrated’ taste, exploring such wines is becoming a fascinating pastime for many.

Talking on the 2018 edition, the connoisseur says we can expect:

“Unusual grape varieties, growers who have a genuine love for their craft, delicious food and artisan products that are made with the same ethos of low-intervention, from cider and sake to craft ale,” according to an emailed statement.

Is natural wine on your radar?

Let us know what you think; is raw wine on your to-do list? It’s certainly on ours!

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