Here at Urban Spirit, we are highly in demand for our beer bar hire services, suppling bars with draught systems to customers across the globe.

As a result, we like to think that we know our stuff when it comes to lager. Working with the beverage day in, day out, over the years we have inevitably found our favourites, one of which is Peroni.

This is why we are thrilled to learn that the Italian beer has been named the ‘greatest lager of all time’.

LAD Bible

Marking World Beer Day, the social media jokesters, LAD Bible, conducted a poll.

Asking people to vote for their favourite tipples, the poll uncovered just how popular Peroni was.

Though gaining the most votes, many Twitter users opposed the result.

“How this isn’t Stella vs Red Stripe is a travesty…..the games f****** gone I tell ya!!!!” asked one angry beer lover.

“Ya’ll know it’s either Becks Vier, Budvar or Budweiser right?” wrote another.

A third disappointed follower said: “What does everybody like about peroni?? Tastes like bog water.”

However, gaining 73% of the votes, the decision is final; Peroni is the greatest beer of all time. Do you agree?

Peroni Bar Hire

If you are a fan of Peroni then we would love to talk you through our Peroni bar hire service. Perfect for big events such as festivals and weddings as well as house parties and small gatherings, these bars well and truly put Peroni on a pedestal. What’s more is that our Peroni bars can also be hired with their very own Bartender, there to accommodate you and your guests with well-poured, freezing cold pints.

For more details and a free quote to hire a bar from us, get in touch now.