With Wimbledon now in full swing (see what we did there?), many of us are eager to see where the competition will end. Will Serena revert back to winning times? Can Federer reign supreme in the Men’s Singles and will Murray end up playing against his own brother? The questions we have flying around our heads are endless. But the only question we should really be asking ourselves during Wimbledon season is ‘where’s the Pimms at?’.

Being the official drink of the tennis tournament, Pimms is a great beverage that we can often forget about throughout the rest of the year.

This is why today, we at Urban Spirit take a look at the different ways in which you can enjoy the spirit this summer.

Pimms Cup

Now, this is the most common way we are served Pimms. Being refreshing, fragrant and ram-packed with delicious fruits, the Pimms Cup is an unparalleled cocktail classic. Made from Pimms, lemonade, mint, orange, lemon, strawberry and cucumber, the Pimms Cup is arguably one of your five a day!

Pimms Royale

Fancy something with a little more fizz? If so, why not give the Pimms Royale a whirl? Made from Prosecco and a splash of the good stuff, the Pimms Royale is a wonderful way to toast the tennis.

Pimms Mojito

There is nothing more refreshing than a Mojito, with the icy, minty mixture being the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. But, by replacing the run for Pimms, you have got yourself a unique, summertime cocktail, one that is perfect to accompany the tennis with.

Pimms bar hire

If you really want to celebrate Wimbledon in style this year, why not hire your very own cocktail bar to serve these drinks from at home? Being the perfect addition to your garden party, our bars are simply fabulous!