When thinking of high-end events and fine food and drink, it is hard not to think about our Royal Family. With their soirees the epitome of extravagance, we at Urban Spirit are always keen to learn what the Royals have been drinking.  

This is why we were stunned to learn that the Queen’s and most of the Royal family’s favourite wine was Pol Roger. Though a great-tasting drink, at just £45 a bottle, their preferred wine choice is surprisingly humble!  

The Queen’s taste in wine was revealed by the Royal Family’s appointed sommelier, Pippa Penny.  

Revealing the royals’ favourite champagne, she confirmed “Pol Roger is a firm favourite of the Royal Family”. 

“Their non-vintage can start at around £45, and then can reach for their vintage over £100.” 

While enjoying this low-cost non-vintage, their tastes do get slightly more lavish when hosting important events, reserving “the good stuff for the state occasions and royal banquets” according to Penny.  

Pol Roger  

Serving the Pol Roger champagne as often as they can, the wine made an appearance at the official lunch of Meghan and Harry’s wedding, served chilled in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The drink was also given to guests of William and Kate’s wedding back in 2011.  

But, when learning that the Queen boasts a £2M wine collection in her own personal cellar, we can only imagine the rare bottles that she possesses.  

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