As mentioned in previous blogs, the UK gin market is booming, with British drinkers opting for local produce over imported alternatives.

One area of this ever-in-development market is flavoured gin; with the more bizarre the flavour, the more interest gained from UK gin-lovers.

Today, we at Urban Spirit look at a new research project; one that looks into the most-desired flavoured gin people want to try next year.

The research

Conducted by the Craft Gin Club, the project surveyed 3200 of its gin enthusiast members, asking them what they wanted from their Bartenders in 2019. While some of the preferred flavours were slightly ‘out there’, the majority of gin flavours were certainly ones we at Urban Spirit would give a try!

The most popular flavours were:

  • Salted caramel – 31%
  • Nettle – 16%
  • Christmas pudding – 15%
  • Yorkshire tea – 9%
  • Truffle – 8%
  • Chocolate and Banana – 6%
  • Biscuit – 3%

Given complete control over their answers, participants also liked the idea of ginger, earl grey tea and chilli; options that were dubbed ‘wild card’ flavours.

Savoury Gin

Savoury flavours also held a large section of the vote, something various gin brands and distilleries are exploring. Earlier this month, The Gin Kitchen rolled out gin made for Lingfield Park racecourse turf; a drink made specifically for the venue.

“Gin has the largest flavour range amongst all spirit categories making it the most versatile tipple in the market,” Clementine Beach, CGC’s taster, said.

“As distillers have become more experimental with their recipe creation and methods of distillation, so have the drinkers. Even a ‘classic’ G&T now comes with a multitude of choice and variety.”

Gin bar hire

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