With the British weather starting to pick up and the flowers creeping out of their bids, summer is well and truly on the horizon. And, we all know what that means; festival season is close!

While great news for the music and food fans amongst us, festival planners across the country will now be inundated with tasks.

If you are hosting a festival this year, then you will want to ensure you have sorted everything when it comes to the all—important bar. With festivals being a time for attendees to let loose and indulge in a drink or two, having a good bar is a must.

This is why we enjoy working with festival planners, giving them a vast selection of mobile bar hire options.

Rustic bar hire

If planning an outdoor festival, you will want a bar that fits in with the environment. This is especially the case if hosting the party in a field. Here at Urban Spirit, we have found our rustic and wooden bars to suit festivals, complementing the elements rather well!

Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, these bars have been responsible for a great deal of festival fun over the years.

Draught systems

No festival is complete without good-quality beer and cider. Being drinks heavily associated with the summer, serving both is advisable. But, if you are going to stock lager, stout and apple cider, you want to ensure you serve it in the way in which it is hoppy and cold. This is something our draft systems can achieve with ease!

If you are interested in any of the above services or wish to explore our bar hire and event planning deals, get in touch.