When owning a bar or even running a pop-up, the aim will be for the tills to be ringing and to be serving long queues of thirsty customers. However, as a team, you need to be well-equipped to survive such busy spells.

Today, we share a few tips on how bartenders can prepare for busy nights, ensuring they make the most of their bar’s profitable times.

Get your stock in order

If you expecting to go through a load of stock, ensure you know where everything is. For instance, if a barrel goes, you want to be confident that you know where the next is and how to attach your pumps to the kegs with ease. Familiarising yourself with your stock and equipment is therefore highly advisable.

Appoint tasks and responsibilities

Running a bar on a busy night requires many different kills and tasks. So, to ensure you are not all running around like headless chickens, appoint specific tasks and duties to specific people. From replenishing ice and garnishes to changing barrels and serving customers, when everyone knows their place your bar can run smoothly.


Managing a high footfall of customers needs to be seamless, with bartenders having access to everything they need to serve customers well and quickly. This means having access to change is essential, not having to count out pennies and keep other customers waiting long periods for you to serve the person in front of them.


There is nothing more frustrating that waiting for bartenders to clean a glass for you, especially if when it does come to you it is hot from the dishwasher or worse, still dirty. This is why it is important to make sure you have enough glasses to see you through the night as well as someone who is constantly colleting and cleaning glasses to replenish the shelves.

So, there you have it; our top tips to prepare for a busy night behind the bar.

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