We have all been there. Being sent out by the other half to do a few Christmas chores and ending up at the pub.

Wanting to accommodate punters regularly finding themselves in the dog house, one Cumbrian pub has opened an in-pub Post Office, perfect for the multi-tasking drinkers among us!

Marsh Gibbon’s The Plough Inn has launched their in-pub Post Office just in time for Christmas, perfect for punters that want to post their Crimbo cards and have a quick pint at the same time. Leaving nobody in the dog house, this dual-purpose establishment has been welcome with open arms.

Keeping pubs alive

Eager to accommodate their customers in any way they possibly can, this is a great example of how pubs are adapting in order to stay relevant. And, with the number of people neglecting pubs in exchange for drinking at home, we at Urban Spirit think an in-pub PO is just genius!

Not opening during regular Post Office hours, The Plough Inn is there to serve busy workers, late Xmas shoppers and many more! Open from noon to 11pm between Tuesday and Sunday, it gives everyone a chance to succeed this Christmas!

But, this is much more than just a novelty feature in a mediocre bar, with the establishment renowned for offering a great hospitality experience to locals as well as tourists. Enjoying four out of five stars on TripAdvisor, we thoroughly advise giving this pub a visit over the festive season.

Not the first multi-purpose bar

While it is unusual to find a Post Office in your local, The Plough Inn is not the first pub to make itself ’multi-purpose’. Back in 2015, the Cellar House pub In Norfolk incorporated a struggling Post Office in Eaton. This was actioned by non-profit organisation, Pub in a Hub; a team of individuals that encourages communities, licensees, pub owners, breweries and the private sector to work together.

Let us know what you think. Would you welcome a Post Office in your local? Leave your comments below.