While the plastic problem is nothing new, it seems the environmental issue is only getting worse. The effect waste has on our oceans is calling for little changes to collectively save our Eco systems.

Recycling Revolution

Hi-Cone, a drinks packaging supplier, has taken it upon themselves to make their mark on the recycling revolution in a bid to save the seas.

Drinks rings that hold multipack cans in place are a great threat to the environment; endangering wildlife getting tangled in the plastic. Despite being used for over 50 years and being a widely acknowledged threat, there has been little done to prevent the problem. Until now.

The scheme created by the company aims to keep ‘yokes’ or ‘hi-cones’ as they are otherwise known, out of the general waste. The consumer of the plastic rings can download a free post label from ringrecycleme.co.uk to send their drinks carriers away to be recycled.

Collaborating with recycling titan TerraCycle, the initiative means the rings can be turned into park benches and outdoor furniture amongst other items. As well as a free returns service, the scheme offers drop-off points nationwide to allow optimum opportunity for the customer to repurpose their plastic. This comes as the recycling collection has become relatively unclear on its rules. The scheme rids any ambiguity allowing recycling with ease.

First Of Its Kind

President of Hi-Cone, T. Kenneth Escoe believes the scheme is “a crucial step on our journey to recover and reuse as many plastic ring carriers as possible worldwide”. It is “the first of many planned phases to help communicate to consumers that these carriers can be recycled to great effect” he proudly stated.

Beverage manufacturers are rarely involved in schemes such as this, with Hi-Cone claiming to be the first of its kind. Escoe continues,“Hi-Cone is fully aware of its responsibilities as a company that places packaging into the retail supply chain, and this latest project forms part of a broader proactive strategy to create a circular economy, within which the ultimate aim is to ensure recycled ring carriers can be reused for the same purpose again and again.”

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