From birthday parties and wedding receptions to proms and corporate dos, we are seeing a huge increase in the number of event planners choosing the great outdoors as their backdrop.

Making use of all nature’s gifts such as fresh air and singing birds, hosting an outdoor event is just fabulous.

However, hosting an event in the great outdoors does have its cons; energy supply being one of them. This is why many get disappointed when they can’t get a pint of draught beer when attending such dos.

If this is something you are worried about, you have come to the right place, with we at Urban Spirit offering a range of draught dispensing systems.

Party pumps

As you may well have read in many of our other blog posts, we are one of the proud suppliers of Party Pumps. These are incredible pieces of kit that can dispense beer from a keg. Requiring no additional equipment or even a plug point or gas supply, these nimble pumps are simply genius.

What we would suggest is resting the keg in an iced keg bucket to ensure all the hoppy beer, cider, stout our Prosecco your pour is nice and fresh!

Mobile draught dispensing unit

The Mobile Draught Dispensing Unit does what it says on the tin, allows you to pour draught beer from anywhere you so wish. Being a neat bar setup that well and truly looks the part, these units are suited to all sorts of outdoor venues. Commonly used for festivals, weddings, birthday parties and business events, these bars allow everyone to enjoy great beer, poured well.

Pub style beer setup

Want to give the illusion of a real-life pub at your outdoor venue? If so, our pub style beer setup is the product for you! Offering a quick pouring craft beer solution, it is made up of a beer cooler, pipes, gas cylinder and of course the all-important beer taps themselves.

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