With the sun on its way and Easter chocolate filling the house, it is the time of year where we swap the winter drinks for the punchy rum cocktails. Being a hugely in-demand spirit at all of our bars, today we explore ways in which you can spice up your rum mixtures.

So, if you are a Bartender or just want to mix up some scrumptious drinks at the house, here are a few things to consider.


Garnishes are a big deal of late, with modern drinkers wanting out of the ordinary garnishes in their tipples. This is why Bartenders are experimenting beyond the humble slice of lemon when mixing up rum-based drinks. Here at Urban Spirit, we highly recommend serving rum drinks with a slice of pineapple, adding a colourful and sweet element.

Get minty

Mint and rum complement each other rather well. As a combination that the famous Daquiri gave us, throwing a sprig of mint in a humble rum and coke can completely transform it.

Orange peel

Most rums have some deep flavours. As a result, citrus can really break those qualities down, adding a complementary element. This is why garnishing rum with fresh orange peel is a great idea. This works well with rum cocktails as well as rum served neat.


Have you ever made a rum cocktail and felt that there was something missing? If so, then why not try adding a touch of grated nutmeg to the finished product? This will add a fragrant element that will bring the aromatic rum flavours to life.

Rum cocktail bar

If you are equally as passionate about rum as we are, then why not explore our rum bar hire solutions? Perfect for any event or occasion, rum bars are just fabulous!