With Spring now well and truly upon us, many will be starting to think about the parties and events to come, with Spring usually warming us up for summer celebrations. If you are throwing a party, whether it be for a business gathering, birthday, wedding or even a garden party, you will need on-trend drinks. Struggling for ideas? Today, we at Urban Spirit share our top Spring drinks trends with you. So, here they are!  

Chin Chin to Gin Gin  

As you are most probably aware, gin is the UK’s most-consumed spirit, with sales of the drink rocketing in recent years. From big brands such as Gordon’s to independent distilleries in Wales, it appeared the whole gin market is bustling of late. This means, gin will play a huge role in the events of season, with spring 2018 set to be a gin-fest! If so are throwing a party, it is essential that you have the ingredient for a classic G&T; a classic combination that goes down a treat with drinkers of all ages.  

Herbs for days  

This spring, mixologists are getting herby, experimenting with some items we associate with the outdoors. From basil to rosemary; we are seeing it all. Tending to go well with white spirits, below are a few herbs you can add to specific drinks to liven things up a bit:  

  • Gin and rosemary  
  • Vodka and basil  
  • Gin and lavender  
  • White wine and thyme  

Glassware everywhere  

Glassware has been a huge focus point for bars and restaurants in recent years, with the glass a drink arrived in often outshining its contents. This Spring we are set to enjoy a few glassware trends, moving away from the 80’s-style cocktail goblet and more towards the tumbler. With drinkers enjoying stronger mixtures, mostly made of neat spirits, large glasses are no longer needed, with strong, traditional tumblers now being the norm.  

Spring bar hire  

If you are planning an event this spring, mobile bar hire is certainly worth consideration. Here at Urban Spirit, we offer our services for an array of occasions. These include:

  • mobile bar hire
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