When were hit with a need for a thirst quencher, what do we almost always reach for? Our team at Urban Spirit would probably go for a nice, cold glass of water, which definitely hits the spot.

But what if we were to tell you that this may not be the best option for hydration? A study from St. Andrews University in Scotland put a range of drinks to the test. While water is ideal for a quick hydration of the body, drinks with a bit of sugar, fat or protein are better suited over a long period.

The study looked at how our bodies respond to various beverages, focusing on factors from the volume of liquid to the nutrients. The more than we consume, the quicker the liquid gets emptied from our stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream, where it will then hydrate you. As for the nutrimental aspect, drinks with more sugar and protein help to slow down the emptying process and keep hydration continuing over a long period of time.

And The Winner Is

So what is best for a hydration fix? According to the science, milk is the best remedy. The combination of protein and sugar lactose, with some fat, allows the body to retain the nutrients for longer. Additionally, milk has sodium which holds the water in the body like a sponge.

The team at the University collated a list of hydration benefits following their research. Judged on a four hour period monitoring the body, the results put skimmed and full fat milk first and third respectively, sandwiched either side of Oral Rehydration Solutions. While juices and soft drinks sat in the middle of the list, still and sparkling water placed 10th and 11th place respectively. These were followed by lager and coffee to round off the list.

Move Over Coca-Cola

However dont be fooled into thinking that a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola is better in the long run. While sugary drinks spend more time in the stomach to hydrate our bodies, the high concentration of sugar is diluted which eventually uses up water from the body. So in the long run, water is definitely the go-to!

Next time its a hot day and youre reaching for a glass of cold water, grab a glass of milk for a great thirst quencher!

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