While a bar that offers great drinks and a bartender with a smile is arguably all you need, when it comes to high-end events and important get-togethers, a tad more thought needs to be put into your bar area. This is especially the case when it comes to the layout.  

This is because the way in which your bar is laid out will have a huge impact on the way it functions, how it looks and most importantly; how guests perceive it.  

If you are thinking about hiring a bar for an upcoming event or are just throwing a party at your home, here are a few things you may want to consider.  


The placing of your bar is so very important.

It needs to be central enough in the room so that people can gain access to it.

Where you are thinking of having you bar; will it work well there when large queues are formed?

It is also worth not positioning your bar too far away from the seating area, ensuring guests do not have to walk too far with trays of drinks.

Being of close proximity to electric points and a sink is also advisable.  

Putting your drinks on a pedestal  

Designing your counter top is the exciting bit! From positioning menus to placing free tasters on the bar, you can use the design to advertise your drinks. So, ensure your finest drinks are on show and clear advertisements are tastefully sprawled across some of the surfaces.  

Making your bar inviting  

While having bits and bobs such as nuts and nibbles is welcoming, you do not want to overload the counter. Ensure it is an inviting space; one that friends and couples can visit together and ‘prop up’.  

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