Despite Brexit concerns, the UK has been voted the most desirable place to work in hospitality. According
to a recent survey of 21,000 employees, 16% of workers within the hospitality sector
naming the UK as their top location.

Behind the UK, Switzerland and Germany ranked a close second, both taking 14% of the

Importance of diversity

The research carried out by hospitality job board found that nearly 24% of
respondents said there are more than 10 different nationalities in their workforce. This
highlights the diversity within the sector and the importance of retaining EU workers.

Neil Pattinson, director of, said:


“The UK offers some of the most diverse roles the sector with an abundance of opportunities to grow and learn for workers to put down
roots long-term.”

“To remain competitive, employers need to consider how supporting candidates through
the relocation process and beyond will attract employees. Long-term benefits of training
and investment and showcasing the new experiences on offer to candidates will allow them
to stand out from other global opportunities.

“More than half (53%) said they want to work abroad for as long as possible, which shows
that working to attract talent to the UK hospitality sector will pay dividends in the long run.”

The respondents stated that receiving support in setting up abroad is key, both financially
and logistically, 19% of respondents stated that new experiences and challenges are
important, with 13% stating ongoing training and development is key.

What are the concerns the sector could face?

However, this research follows concerns that the sector could face a workforce shortage if
employees make the decision to leave the UK after the country leaves the EU in March

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the number of EU citizens immigrating
to the UK fell to 87,000 in March 2018 – which is its lowest since 2012.

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the UK will face a despite being ranked the top location to work?

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