As the British summer settles in, many of us crack open the Pimms; a spirit that has well and truly been adopted by the Brits (especially during Wimbledon). However, it seems that Pimms are going to great lengths to widen their audience, trying to make the drink an all-year-round delight! As a result; Vodka Pimms has been launched; a drink that many have taken to the internet to pass comment on. Splitting opinion across the nation, is Vodka Pimms a great idea or have they tampered with an original recipe?  

Well, the answer to that is really down to individual taste, but; we at Urban Spirit have tried it and the results are in….it’s awesome! Infused with herbs and spices, Pimm’s Number 6 is a vodka-based take on the classic summertime drink, best mixed with lemonade. Proving to be the perfect summertime tipple, many are campaigning for the Number 6 to be a permanent feature of the shelves of supermarkets, some feeling the drink to outshine the original version. Sharing this opinion is Cocktail Expert; Michael Stringer. Believing the drink to be ‘ drier, cleaner and crisper than Pimm’s No. 1 due to its vodka base’, we at Urban Spirit cannot help but agree.  

He added: ‘However it’s more refreshing, and a perfect summer drink.’ ‘The perfect serve for me is with ginger ale and a dash of bitter’s, however, I like to add a splash of Prosecco to the mix too. Or how about a twist on the frosé (frozen rosé) trend?’ 

Top ways to enjoy Pimms 

Catering to various summer events, we have found Pimms to be a much in-demand drink at bars across the country. Below are just a few innovative ways to serve the age-old spirit:   

  • Pimms O Clock  
  • Slushes  
  • Pimms and Prosecco  
  • Gin, Pimms and Lemonade  

Pimms bar hire  

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