Here at Urban Spirit, we are constantly called upon for our gin bar hire services, catering to the nation’s craving for the spirit. Utilised for weddings, birthdays, corporate dos and many other types of events, gin bars are just fabulous.

If you are thinking of serving gin at an upcoming event, then you will no doubt be thinking of ways in which you can offer something more than your conventional G&T. This is why today, we share a few tips from the Urban Spirit team.

Below are some ideas from them on how you can enhance your gins.

Blood orange

Blood orange is vibrant, colourful and not your average fruit bowl item. As a result, it tends to go down well with gin-lovers. Enhancing the bitter gin taste with a fruity kick, gin and blood orange make for the best of friends.


Adding a sprig of rosemary to your gin and tonic will completely reimagine it. Adding an earthy, botanical theme, Rosemary adds a fragrant layer to a standard cocktail classic.


As well as being easy on the eye, pomegranates are also incredibly tasty, able to give the humble G&T some tropical vibes.


While best known for complementing a green salad, cucumbers actually add something extra special to a traditional G&T. Being cool and refreshing, a large slice of cucumber in an iced G&T is the perfect aperitif.

Gin bar hire

If you are thinking of renting a gin bar for an upcoming event then we would be more than happy to assist. Renowned for our high standard of service as well as our affordable rates, we can turn any event space into a celebration of the finest spirit ever made; gin.