As a brand that offers bar rental services every day of the week, we understandably like to stay abreast of what other bars and big chains are up to, particularly interested in how bars are adapting as the impacts of Brexit take their toll.

This is why we are understandably fascinated by the recent movements of Tim Martin, the proud owner of the Wetherspoons chain and an even prouder supporter of Brexit. Being rather outspoken about his political beliefs and acting as a thought leader in the world of hospitality, Martin has this week made a big announcement, revealing that he has removed all European wines and beers from his pubs.

So, forget your French wines and Italian beers; it’s a new era Wetherspoons!

Being as much of a political statement as it is a financial one, Martin is flying the flag for a good life after the EU.

The celebration of local

For decades, big, successful chains have been criticised for contributing to capitalism, seeing smaller retailers and producers struggle to gather momentum. However, as Brexit becomes a reality, more and more bars are opting for local produce.

“Wherever you stand on the Brexit debate, we hope both the Government and consumers will support local brewers, producers and pubs during this time of uncertainty,” said Martin.

“Many of our tax rates for pubs and brewers are actually set at a European level, so we hope the Government will use Britain’s departure from the EU as an opportunity to review that system.

“In particular, we’d like to see a lower rate of tax applied on beer sold on draught rather than in bottles or can, which would help keep prices down at the pub and encourage beer-drinkers to head back to their local.

“We’d also like to see consumers celebrate and support real ales, ciders and perries, which are inherently British products.

“By choosing British beer and looking out for the British hops logo on your pint – which indicates the hops were also sourced in Britain – beer drinkers can actively support businesses close to home.”

Serve local produce at your bar

If you are thinking of renting a bar through Urban Spirit, then why not stock it with beer, wine and spirits from local companies? As well as supporting your local economy, you will also be able to put on a real celebration of your area.

To get the ball rolling and make this happen, contact us today.

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