At Urban Spirit, we are hugely confident in our products and services, enjoying decades of experience in the world of pop-up bars. Having built on our equipment, network and expertise for so long, our team boast all the resources to help clients plan flawless events. Though our bars are used for weddings, corporate dos, birthday parties, festivals etc.; we are constantly asked the same question, ‘which bar service is best for me?’.  

Understanding that no event is the same, we have detailed a few options that may help you with event planning.

Unstocked/dry bar  

If you’re planning a small get together, then a dry bar may be the best fit. Perfect for the DIY approach, dry bars come without stock. Thus allowing you to buy what you want in as much or as little quantities as you wish. All we do is simply deliver and pick up the bar once your event is over. 

Open bar  

Whether attending a high-end business event, a wedding or a big anniversary, many will expect to be welcomed with a free drink. Renting an open bar means that as the event planner you will foot the bill for the drinks, giving your guests a free night with access to a range of different drinks. Whether this be in the form of a reserved limit or purchasing one of our drinks packages, we can ensure open bar solutions to suit all needs and budgets. 

Cash bar  

Whilst an open bar will no doubt encourage happy guests, for many, budget will simply not stretch that far. Cash bars are perfect if you’re planning an event but don’t want the responsibility of buying the drinks.

Mixed bars  

Recently, we at Urban Spirit have been receiving more and more enquiries for mixed bars. With event planners wanting to look after guests with free drinks without breaking the bank. We’re always eager to created tailored solutions for each of our clients. This means that we can build a drinks package that are made up of both free and paid for drinks.

If you would like to learn more about our mobile bar and bartender hire services, contact us at Urban Spirit.