Us folk at Urban Spirit love a tipple. Whether it’s a cheeky glass of Pinot Grigio on a Friday night to a pint in the local, it’s a chance to unwind and relax.

But more and more of the population are turning to low alcoholic beverages, appreciating the multitude of benefits that they bring. Binning the booze could be on the cards! And here’s why:

The Hangover (or lack of!)

We’ve all woken up with a sore head following a night of drinking. Despite filling up on pints of water, the throbbing head lingers and can last for days. But the beauty of low alcohol drinks is, you guessed it, low alcohol. And without that, the hangover will be a thing of the past! As a result you will have a more productive day and feel fresh for the coming week to the envy of all your friends.

Save Save Save!

We can spend a fortune on alcoholic drinks; cocktails adding up and the change in our pockets decreasing with every trip to the bar. Low alcohol drinks are cheaper, saving you a fortune overall.

No Taxi Worries

We’ve all been on a night out where we’ve spent a freezing hour or so in a taxi queue, which doesn’t seem to get any smaller. Your feet are chilly, you wish you’d brought a thicker coat and all you can think about is the extortionate fare that will come with your trip. But when you drink within the consumption guidelines, you’ll have the freedoms to drive home whenever you please. Saving even more money and skipping the dreading taxi rank, you will have made the right decision going low alcohol. (Your friends might nab a lift though!)

Whether you choose the low alcohol life, or if it’s the booze you choose, at Urban Spirit we are happy to cater to everyone’s needs.

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