Wine has been around for a very long time and changed over the years. However what has stayed the same is the passion that many people have towards it. On the 8th March we were lucky enough to be around wine lovers and enjoy tasting various international wines.

Matthew Clark were generous enough to invite us to a wine tasting event that they were hosting at Tobacco Dock. As amateur wine tasters, this was a great opportunity for us to practice the art and and learn many things. Who knew we would ever be saying things along the line of, “This wine is wonderfully balanced with a strong body and an exquisite finish”? When we first entered Tobacco Dock we were introduced to a beautiful structure which stretched out in long arched halls. Each hall was connected by two storey rooms where the wines were being exhibited.

After checking in our bags we were then registered and given a food voucher as well as a booklet. This booklet contained information on all the wines that we had a chance to sample.

We started out in the Viva Italia room. Here we were introduced to our first taste which started out with a glass of Prosecco. Along with the wines, a variety of cheeses were placed on some stands, they were a tasty delight that went well with the wine. We sampled a few more wines such as the Gancia Pinot di Pinot Brut Rose and the Da Luca Rosata Spumante. We then proceeded to the other rooms that were sorted into sections of the world such as Sabor de Spania where we tasted the Freixenet Ice Semi-Seco Cava – served over ice with mint, this was one of my favourite tipples of the day.

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After taste testing some more wines looking to fill in some gaps on our drinks offerings, we started feeling a tad peckish and so we proceeded to go grab ourselves some food. The stalls mainly consisted of street foods that also represented cuisines from around the world. I myself traded in my food voucher and had the smoked chicken wings and barbecue pork belly of the ribs. This delicacy was truly incredible.

After we had treated ourselves to a quick bite, we then headed to finish off what we started. We visited all of the wine rooms such as Discover Europe, The Sweetest Thing and then La Cellar Francois. We then had some great ideas of the wines that we were ready to add to our range. Matthew Clark had put on a truly wonderful day which was fun as well as informative and we would like to thank them once again.

We decided that we were not done for the day, so we collected our belongings from the check in and we headed two stops over on the train to the destination of Shoreditch where we decided to head to Brewdog. We were able to sample some of their craft beers including their newest addition, “Elvis Juice”. It was a great finish to a day of exquisite wine tasting.